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Pastrami: Lb/16
Roast beef: Lb/14
Beef salami: Lb/12
Chopped liver: Lb/7
Gravlax: ¼ Lb/16
Salmon spread: ¼ Lb/7
Herring: ¼ Lb/10
Caviar: oz/45
Tuna salad: Lb/11
Chicken salad: Lb/8
Egg salad: Lb/7
Beets: Lb/8
Pastrami lean: Lb/18
Corned beef: Lb/16
Smoked turkey: LB/10
Turkey pastrami: Lb/10
Whitefish spread: ¼ Lb 11
Smoked salmon: ¼ Lb/14
Kippered salmon: ¼ Lb/14
Smoked whitefish: ¼ Lb/13
White anchovies: ¼ Lb/7
Potato salad: Lb/5
Coleslaw: Lb/5
Pasta salad: Lb/5
Block’s bagels, assorted flavors: Ea./1.5
Whole dill pickles: Ea./1.5
Matzo ball soup: Cup/4 Bowl/7
Smoked whitefish chowder Cup/6 Bowl/11

Gluten-free and vegetarian menu items are marked as “gf” and/or “v.”

Check out the deli counter for other great items to take home!  Fresh sliced cheeses, breads, chips, sodas and condiments
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